Why are P-7™ Performance Leadership Skills So Critical?


Daily, in every business setting, you hear the same questions being asked:


  • Why can’t John or Jane perform better?

  • Why are my colleagues not collaborating better?

  • Why does our team drop the ball so often?

  • Why are our projects typically late and over budget?

  • Why do we have so much difficulty getting traction with change initiatives?


All of these failures to execute represent gaps in performance between what we need and what we get. The P-7 system quickly analyzes these gaps and specifies actions to ensure higher performance.


  • In an intuitive, user-friendly way, the P-7 system enables individuals to quickly learn how to analyze and improve task performance of individuals and teams. Needed reports might be late, the spreadsheet may be inaccurate, the performance could be mediocre, the sales initiative didn’t produce the targeted results…all of these are examples of a gap between what we need to happen and what is actually happening.


  • Years of experience have taught us that many managers are ineffective in analyzing why such shortfalls occur. Their most common diagnosis is some fault or deficiency on the part of task performers, followed closely by a diagnosis that maybe their training has been inadequate.


  • Most of us are equally clueless of our role in actually causing these gaps, by not ensuring that their direct reports or peers have those elements necessary for high performance or effective collaboration. 


  • Since all of this leads to misdiagnosing the problem, you can guess that the prescription is equally off target. Too often, misguided attempts to address the wrong cause become adversarial and uncomfortable for both parties while still not closing the gap.


  • In addition to stress, personal pain and frustration, the financial costs to organizations are huge. U.S. Department of Commerce researchers estimate that the costs of ineffective performance can often represent 30—35% of total annual operating costs of a business.


  • Much of that can be recovered by application of the principles of P-7, while also making the workplace a far more enjoyable and motivating venue for managers, employees, and their colleagues.


  • Finally, the system is versatile, with application to performance issues involving: direct reports, peers, project colleagues or teams, departments or functions, up to an entire organization. The analysis worksheet changes, but the factors remain the same.

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