"P-7 performance diagnosis and improvement gives managers tools to tackle one of the most difficult problems they face: performance/behavioral issues. The P-7 System not only supplies the structure needed to identify such issues, it also creates a written action plan to guide the process."

Patrick J. Gannon,

Director of Training (Retired),

Brunswick Corporation

"I've been using the Performance-7 System for the past few years now and believe it should be included in every manager's and HR professional's toolbox.... Its simplicity is its strength!"

Rich Elderkin,

Global OD and Training,

Bio-Rad Laboratories

"P-7 helped me understand that performance issues were often ones of expectation and coaching rather than capability. It also gave me a systematic process for analyzing performance gaps in actionable ways that is practical for our field managers to actually implement."

Jeff Johnson,

Head of Strategy and Growth,

Dealer Channel, Syngenta

"Anyone with responsibility for the performance of others will discover that MIND  THE GAP is an excellent tool, conceived with the elegance of simplicity. Its concepts enable managers to drive positive change through people and processes."

Marti Cortez,

Vice President, Quality, Process and Communications,

Charter Communications

""When we learned about P-7, we knew we had found the simplest, most powerful management tool available. We've conducted P-7 problem-solving workshops for managers in 15 countries. and their feedback is virtually identical: "This is the most practical and helpful management tool I use.

Dennis J. Lettow,

Sales Development Director (Retired),




“We should all have this with a yearly refresher.”


“The laminated quick guide will get a lot of use from me.”


“These skills will improve performance and office relations.”


“Very useful…I wish I knew this 10 years ago!”


“Makes management more objective and accurate.”


“All court managers, including the clerk’s office should have this.”


“Bill made things easy to understand and apply. I will use it.”


“A great system for helping officers improve their own performance.”


“I realize how much impact I have on others’ performance.”


“A complex area, made easy to utilize.”


“Very relevant and timely…I will put this to use tomorrow.”


“We don’t have much time to manage performance. This will make it quicker and easier.”


“This should guide every performance review.”


“I really like the laminated quick guide. It will live right on my desk.”


“I now know I’ve been doing two-step coaching for years…this is much better.”


Upon completion, all managers are asked:


“Would you recommend this for other court supervisors and managers: definitely, perhaps, uncertain, no.” 


94% Checked “definitely,”



Cox Newspapers

Bunge Global

Freeport McMoRan


Eagle Star Life

Manheim Automotive

Trans World Airlines



McCarthy Construction

Bio-Rad Laboratories

Scottish Widows Life

Augusta-Westland Helicopter

Standard and Chartered Bank

Watlow Electric

Barclay's Bank

DuPont Pioneer


Cox Enterprises

Brunswick Corporation


Lee Enterprises

St. Louis Science Center

U.S. Steel Corporation

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